March 19, 2012

winds of change..

many people are afraid of change - but i love it. there's nothing wrong with it, as long as you're doing it for YOU & no one else. ..people are too worried about trying to fit in, so they change for others.. uh yeah. anyways - with all that being said, i'm doing some changes for the better :)

firstttt - i'm going NATURAL. ahh, i know. i've always said it's not for everyone, but i believe i could pull it off. did it for 6months, & my hair grew so good - then i hit up that good 'ol creamy crack & hair color; ruined my hair all over again. for now, im just going to refrain from heat & relaxers. i've already trimmed my ends (i actually got scissor happy, ha.) and i'll be throwing kinky twists in for a little, soon. once my hair grows a little more, i will be doing a BIG CHOP. at the end of the day - it's just hair *shrugs. the shit will grow back. my hair def doesn't define me. some girls only have their hair to depend on.. not i. i was influenced by MahoganyCurls & Naptural85 :) click their names to check out their youtubes.

i'm also going to start eating healthier :) i need to.. nobody would believe how unfuckinghealthy i really am, lol. food is so good tho, sigh. haha. but for real - time to eat healthier & workout. i'm going to try that juice cleanse for 7 days. i doubt i'll last the whole time but im seriously going to try it. really feels good to be blogging again.

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