April 25, 2012

Photo a Day ; April

Im late, posted it on instagram instead.

April 24 - "Something You're Grateful For" <3 I love you..

Natural Girl

I finally did it! I cut off my relaxed ends, which officially makes me completely natural (as of 4/23/12). I've been wanting to do it for a while now & I would always chicken out at the last minute. I woke up trying style my hair & the 2 textures were not working together. Once I got off work, after working out, I went into the bathroom & ended up cutting off my hair. Took me about 20 mins to finally get the courage to make the first cut & wow.. I was just like "well there's definitely no turning back now, Brianna." I thought the low cut being natural wouldn't fit me. I used to have a low styled cut for about 2 years when my hair was relaxed. Before this chop, I was natural for 6 months & my hair grew so much. It went from above my ears to right above my shoulders. Then my 21st birthday came around & I messed around and got a relaxer. *sigh. My hair just went down the drain from there. I'm glad I decided to do this, & I'm happy to see the outcome. #teamnatural, wassssup.

April 18, 2012


first day working out... it felt good but man, i'm out of shape :( i plan to keep this up & lose about 15-20 lbs by june.

April 1, 2012


today's photo was "your reflection".. so this is my reflection. i've just been dealing with realy life, lately. stuff i've never experienced before & what may not be big to other people, it is to me. i don't often show when i'm stressing. i'm pretty good at covering it up with a smile & jokes. it's nice to have your own apartment.. but it sucks to hate your job, knowing you should be doing something better. watching everyone get what they want & not have to work hard for it. or hear people complain when they got it way easier than a lot of people. it has me looking at a lot of people that i'm close to, different.

March 23, 2012

Photo A Day: April.

i hardly had time to participate in these 'photo a day', but come april i will be :) with my shift changing april 1, it's going to give me more time to do things that i actually enjoy.

March 19, 2012

winds of change..

many people are afraid of change - but i love it. there's nothing wrong with it, as long as you're doing it for YOU & no one else. ..people are too worried about trying to fit in, so they change for others.. uh yeah. anyways - with all that being said, i'm doing some changes for the better :)

firstttt - i'm going NATURAL. ahh, i know. i've always said it's not for everyone, but i believe i could pull it off. did it for 6months, & my hair grew so good - then i hit up that good 'ol creamy crack & hair color; ruined my hair all over again. for now, im just going to refrain from heat & relaxers. i've already trimmed my ends (i actually got scissor happy, ha.) and i'll be throwing kinky twists in for a little, soon. once my hair grows a little more, i will be doing a BIG CHOP. at the end of the day - it's just hair *shrugs. the shit will grow back. my hair def doesn't define me. some girls only have their hair to depend on.. not i. i was influenced by MahoganyCurls & Naptural85 :) click their names to check out their youtubes.

i'm also going to start eating healthier :) i need to.. nobody would believe how unfuckinghealthy i really am, lol. food is so good tho, sigh. haha. but for real - time to eat healthier & workout. i'm going to try that juice cleanse for 7 days. i doubt i'll last the whole time but im seriously going to try it.

...it really feels good to be blogging again.

March 18, 2012

oh, hello there.

i'll be back to blogging soon! i've missed it so much.